Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jump, Jump Jump!

Overall this lab was a success. I did a great job hitting all of the techniques that should be used during a lesson. I thought my hook was pretty creative and got the students involved when I was demonstrating which is very important if you want students to enjoy the lesson. I used teaching by invitation by giving them different levels of the skill at which they can choose to participate. I even implemented pinpointing which was beyond what was expected in our lab. I also did some things poorly. One thing I really want to work on is just being enthusiastic and having fun from the very beginning of the lesson. I tend to get so wrapped up in teaching the lesson and remembering everything I went over that I sometimes come off as too serious. Its not until later in the lesson when everyone is having fun that I lighten up and get a smile on my face. I really think that when I have fun the students do too. So it's really important that I work on this to create a better environment for my students. Even thought I had a visual, which was great, I think I got too complicated with the cues at first. Although the students did a great job on a pretty hard skill, if I just worried about their toes at first and then came back to tell them about their knees, I think more students would have performed the skill better.

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