Thursday, September 29, 2011

Task Presentation

What are some things teachers can do to improve communication with with learners in task presentation?

Some things that can be done to improve communication are orient the learner, use a logical sequence, use examples and nonexamples, personalize the presentation, repeat things difficult to understand, draw on the learners personal experience, check for understanding, and present the material dynamically.

What are guidelines for using demonstration effectively?

Some guidelines for a good demonstration are giving accurate information, having the demonstration done by a student if possible, use the same format the students will use, emphasize important information, let the students know why the skill is performed in a certain way, check for understanding, and repeat the demonstration more than once.

What are the characteristics of good learning cues? Design a set of learning cues you would use with young beginning learners and then for older advanced learners for a closed skill, open skill, and movement concept.

A good learning cue reminds the students of what they need to do in order to execute a skill properly.

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