Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day Suprise

I wasn't too surprised when Dr. Yang informed us that we would be practicing our teaching skills the first day of class.  After having a great time learning from him in Motor Development, I almost expected that he would do something like this.  I was the first one chosen to teach and I didn't understand what we were actually doing fully.   I thought we were just teaching skills, not performing games to demonstrate the skills... so my presentation was really short but I'll do better next time. Over the summer I was a student worker at Oswego State in the furniture department. On the weekends I would go to my house on the lake and organize games like soccer, basketball, capture the flag, sharks and minnows, with my six cousins who are all around twelve years old. I also helped coach a summer lacrosse team that my brother played on when I had time after work.