Monday, September 26, 2011

Take two!

After being surprised to teach on day one, we were given a second shot with some time to prepare.  In a four minute lesson, we focused on our introduction, signal for attention, hook, and demonstration. I have a lot I can work on but I feel I did a great job, especially compared to my first try.

 During my teaching I think I did man things well. For one, I think I had the confidence, clear loud voice, and the enthusiasm to teach that all physical educators should have. I felt like I was very organized and included everything I needed into my lesson. To me, it seemed like I taught in a way that sounded like I really wanted to teach the students this skill and didn't sound like I was just going through the motions. I also thought I acted in a very professional and taught with a serious attitude as if  I was teaching my future students. However their were a few things I did wrong or could have done better. For one, I need to shorten my instruction and demonstration time a little bit so the students are active longer. Also, I need to give positive feedback to individual students that lets them know exactly what they are doing good or bad instead of just general feedback that doesn't help the student as much.  Although I feel i really improved my enthusiasm while teaching I think it definitely needs some more work. This will come naturally as I get more experience teaching and become willing to teach outside what I'm currently comfortable with. Next time I really think I'm going to work on coming up with a better hook. I think this will improve my lesson a lot and get the students interested in my activity right away. It also can be used to get them involved during instruction because I can ask them a question to get some of their thoughts on the activity. Overall I think I did pretty good, but this is all for my future students so I don't think I will ever be completely satisfied with my teaching. There is always room to improve some aspect of the lesson or teaching style, especially when you see yourself on video. By adding more enthusiasm and really putting in a lot of thought into my activities to make them fun, exciting, and enjoyable, I think I will really make an impact on my students one day. But for now, I just need to keep learning and most of all practicing!

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