Monday, November 7, 2011

Bocce Ball Lesson

During this teaching lab I didn't really see the improvement I was looking for. Overall I thought I taught well but I need to be more enthusiastic when i teach. I need to stop worrying about everything, even though its a huge part of my grade, and just have fun while I teach.  I thought my Prezi went well and was very organized. However, with only 10 minutes to teach I should have made it a lot shorter. I didn't realize how much time it would take to present it. I handled the misbehavior well by just saying one thing to him and immediately using him in my demonstration so he started behaving. I really wish I started the main activity with the polly spots sooner because they only had about a minute to play and I think it would have been very fun. I just didn't keep track of time well enough. Too much time was spent on my presentation and the lead up activity which was really simple and only should have been done for about two minutes. If I limited the time of the first activity and have the polly spot activity go for 4 to 5 minutes I think this would have been a great lesson like I planned. I also feel that if I did this I would have enjoyed the lesson more, had more fun, which would cause me to be more enthusiastic. From what I've seen so far with my lessons I have learned that if I'm not smiling and having fun during the lesson then the students probably aren't either. This is not what I want to have happen in my teaching and I'm sure it won't happen again. I think it was just a mis management of time which will improve with practice. It really surprised me that I did this because I was really prepared, I just didn't follow my own time management that I had made. In lab D I hope to improve on the time spent on each activity and having fun while I teach because I have realized that this makes the students have fun too, which is a major goal I have while teaching.

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